60 Costume

Don’t laugh please!

Couldn’t think of any other costume. I had to wear this on several occasions for WORK orientated reasons. This was taken just before I went to The Houses of Parliament for an award dinner.

Two hours before this photo was taken I was in boots and jeans cleaning out a drain.

I noticed the other guests gave me a wide berth, or was that just me…?

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6 Responses to 60 Costume

    • Howard Scott says:

      My language when told I had to dress up like a penguin cannot be mentioned in a forum which includes Ladies, but ‘spiffing’ wasn’t one of the words my boss heard.

  1. lsvejda says:

    Spiffy, dashing and debonair!

  2. KarenAnn says:

    Nothing like a man in a tuxedo!

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