40 Cement

‘They’ call us the ‘Centre of Culture’.  This is the South Bank Centre on the Thames, it is home to The artistic aspirations of London (ok one of them).

Built in 1951, as part of the Festival of Britain The Royal Festival Hall was held to be Modernity at its best. To think I had to study this building for my exams. I compared it with the Albert Hall, got well marked down and just scraped through.

Now tho listed it is considered to be a monstrosity. However some of what goes on inside is worth seeing.

This view is the rear but most tourists see this first.

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6 Responses to 40 Cement

  1. danudin says:

    I don’t have your training or schooling but it looks like something Picasso did in a not quite sober moment, but hey I’m Australian!

  2. Howard Scott says:

    I was studying to be a surveyor. It only took me 25 years.
    This building has to be the height of ugliness so I thought after all the nice photo’s a change was in order.
    I promise I shall not repeat this, but will look for beauty in all things from now on (:-)

  3. KarenAnn says:

    Well, it’ll give the future populations something to complain about…our lack of design capability…sposed to be what’s inside that counts anyway…for so many things!

  4. Tammy says:

    Now that is an interesting buildings…it looks like they just kept building out of it with no plans lol

  5. traceyjj says:

    The building looks like many of the concrete jungle structures built around that time… fortunately the ones around my town have been pulled down 🙂 Its an interesting image, of a strange looking structure and I guess the planners were trying to think “futuristic”

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