140 Hearts

Too mean to BUY a card, I did this for Valentines Day.

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13 Responses to 140 Hearts

  1. danudin says:

    You’ll get on you old smoothie you! LOL

  2. 4howwie4 says:

    Funny, she thought more of this than the expensive one I bought last year. Strange creatures, these women.
    However I would hate to be without them. Life would be tedious.

  3. Gisele says:

    a little effort and creativity goes a long way. Sometimes we are surprisingly easy to please.

    • 4howwie4 says:

      As I have grown older and (maybe) wiser, I have learnt that time spent doing rather than buying something leads to rather nice results.

  4. Tammy says:

    Much better than a store bought card…beautiful!

  5. Madelaine says:

    Too mean? I think the time and effort and creativity involved in creating this masterpiece is the most un-mean (is that a word?) thing you could have done…..it’s gorgeous!

  6. lsvejda says:

    A beautifully done valentine card.

  7. PC PHOTO says:

    made from the heart!

  8. KarenAnn says:

    Handmade and from the heart…all the while thinking of your sweetie…what’s better than that…not much, I’d say! Can’t come close to that from a store! Beautiful!

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