195 Nautical

This is the sort of ship that goes up and down the Thames day and night while the tide is in.

Sometimes 3 or 4 will be visible going to and from the docks at Tilbury.

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8 Responses to 195 Nautical

  1. danudin says:

    Great moonlit silhouette.

  2. jackscrap says:

    I hope you never find one of these in your yachting lane, would call for some quick manoeuvering for sure.

    • 4howwie4 says:

      Accidents have happened, usually caused by hooray henry’s with speedboats they can’t control.
      We can see the freighters from miles away, and get out of their way, after all we can turn on a sixpence they can’t.

  3. Tammy says:

    Love how the water glows against that silhouette! REally a beautiful sight!

  4. 4howwie4 says:

    Thank you, Tammy.
    I am hoping this year to get a picture of one lit up a i8t goes down river.

  5. KarenAnn says:

    Transporting all the essentials, I guess….some more unsung heroes of everyday life.

    • Howard Scott says:

      Sometimes I stand there and think that for 2000+ years people have used this river to immigrate and emigrate. To bring luxuries and staples into the port of London.
      Yet compared to the great rivers it is small, on a clear day you can see both sides.
      I love it, tho it isn’t my river, That is the Mersey.

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