91 Exhibit ‘The Forge’

This is a blacksmith’s Forge (originally from East Anglia) from a farming community now preserved in the Museum of East Anglian Life.

Although this is early 20th Century, we still had one near where I lived as a boy making gates and repairing machinery this would have been the very early fifties when every scrap of metal was reused.

Us kids used to stand and watch the sparks fly as he hammered  bits of metal into unknown shapes. No Health and Safety then.

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11 Responses to 91 Exhibit ‘The Forge’

  1. Tammy says:

    Love all the textures in the bricks…very cool image!

  2. danudin says:

    I would need to build up my biceps, just to enter that Smithy’s workspace, and I wouldn’t be allowed to touch anything LOL.

    • 4howwie4 says:

      We still have a few blacksmiths in the rural areas, including I believe, a lady , somewhere in my County. Must try and find her and get some photo’s.

  3. lsvejda says:

    It is fascinating to watch a skilled blacksmith at work. Very nice image of the forge.

    • 4howwie4 says:

      There is a blacksmith at a local craft centre, but their work is mainly decorative gates and the like. Visiting this Craft centre is on my to do list for this year.

  4. jackscrap says:

    We saw a blacksmith in action recently at a pioneer village we visited, and she was amazing! Fascinating to see all the tools hanging around, suspended in time.

  5. PC PHOTO says:

    great rustic image

  6. KarenAnn says:

    The ruggedness really comes through in your photo. Love watching the demos of blacksmithing at some of the old forts they have around here.

  7. traceyjj says:

    Lovely image of a past almost extinct.

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